snap-on wrist or footband, reflective

This bracelet can be wrapped around your wrist or ankle and reflects incoming light, thus improving your visibility in city traffic. If used on your ankle it will also keep your trousers from getting tangled up in your bicycle chain!
Incl. Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
Incl. Tax, excl. Shipping Cost


  • Farbe

    reflective silver

  • Größe

    3,1 x 34 cm

  • Variant

    AMPELMANN Geher & Steher

  • Material

    Scotch 3M plastic with metal spring

  • Delivery Time

    Innerhalb Deutschlands 3-5 Werktage

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Traffic safety

When it gets dark outside, our reflective vests provide more safety on the street! Put them on and hang reflectors on your backpack and jacket as well to shine bright like the Ampelmännchen.

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