authentic piece of the Berlin Wall & book in German

A true piece of history from Berlin´s past! Our original Berlin Wall pieces are unique and designed in Berlin. Additionally the book tells the exciting journey of the Ampelmännchen, which is closely connected with Germany’s modern history.
Incl. 16% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
Incl. 16% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost


  • Farbe

    Important: Since all of the pieces of the wall are authentic and unique they may differ from the pictures shown.

  • Größe

    book in German: 24.5 x 22.4 cm (120 pages)wall piece: 5 x 4.5 x 3 cm

  • Info

    set: 1x Original Berliner Mauerstück & 1x Schriftsteller in German

  • Variant

    Ampelmännchen Geher & Steher

  • Material

    authenticity of the pieces is certified by the Wall Museum - Checkpoint Charlie (Mauermuseum)

  • Delivery Time

    Innerhalb Deutschlands 3-5 Werktage

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