Back to school

Back to school

Whether first grader or senior – we have great school essentials for your children to start colorfully and with lots of fun the new school year.

Timetable for free

Timetable for free

The new school year will start soon, and all the kids will prepare their timetables diligently. For this reason, the Ampelmännchen and their friends want to bring some fun to all the little ones. Just download the timetable as PDF for free and print it out.

Download the timetable

DIY – Pennant chain

The DIY AMPELMANN school pennant chain is a total eye catcher for every school start party!

This is how it works:
1. Download the pennant chain as a PDF file.
2. Print the pattern in A4 or A3.
3. Start with the handcraft – you ‘ll need a pair of scissors, glue stick and string.

Have fun!

  Download the pennant chain

Traffic safety

When it gets dark outside, our reflective vests provide more safety on the street! Put them on and hang reflectors on your backpack and jacket as well to shine bright like the Ampelmännchen.

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